Employee Engagement

  • Input on innovation for Dustmizer from Waste Management Facility Operations & Maintenance personnel
  • Design input and innovation incorporated into design upgrades listed below

˜Ash Mixing

  • Incorporation of NIR system to measure moisture content of the mixture.
  • VFD Control for ideal feeding and mixing ranges
  • Adjustable Paddles for optimum mixing
  • Extended body length coupled with cut flight paddles for enhanced mixing and dwell time
  • Electronically controlled Proportional Valve to regulate the supplied water to the mixture based on the NIR reading


Stainless Steel Construction (SS 304)

Chromium Carbide Coated Abrasion Resistant Cut Flight Paddles

Adjustable Legs for ease of installation

Domed Stainless Steel Spray Housing, Piping, and Nozzles

Flange connected Paddle Shafts for ease of removal

Sealed Spur Gear Housing


oEasy access doors access panels for Paddle replacement without the need to remove the shafts.

oEasy clean Rotary Airlock features quick release rotor for fast access to the valve internals for cleaning and inspection.

˜Service Access

oClean out panels and inspection doors equipped with internal guarding