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Conveyor Design

DG Marshall’s years of conveyor design experience combined with our comprehensive analytical tools allows us to optimize your conveyor design in order to prove a safe, reliable, and economical system. Our experience and software allows us to model conveyors of any geometry, length, and drive configuration as well as analysis of vertical and horizontal curves, transition stress and demands, sizing and calculations of components.

Benefits of Conveyor Design and Sidewinder

  • Design a Wide Variety of Conveyor Geometries and Operating Conditions
  • Apply Multiple Material Types & Byway Conveying
  • Determine the Dynamics of Starting / Stopping / Emergency Stopping
  • Analyze Belting and Belt Stresses
  • Properly Size Pulley Shaft & Bearings
  • Simulate Material Load On / Load Off
  • Utilize Right Angle Drives with Overhung Loads
  • Employ Custom Idler Types
  • Provide Professional Quality Design Reports

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