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Reality Capture

DG Marshall’s 3D Scanning capabilities provides data and information to a project aiding visualization, design, and analysis. The 3D Point Cloud data allows the user to accurately measure and capture complex geometries at existing sites and facilities. The scanning technology provides the ability to capture a location in real time and import it into a CAD software to determine existing conditions and design within the generated environment.

Uses for 3D Laser Scanning:

  • Provide as-built documentation
  • Design engineering for facility upgrades and expansions
  • Prefabrication construction verification and interference detection
  • Creating multiple layouts and configurations for existing and new process lines

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

  • Fast: Gather measurements of entire facilities in hours instead of days
  • Accurate: Scans are highly accurate up to +/- 3mm
  • Cost Reducing: The various uses ultimately leads to minimizing or eliminating downtime for both the design and installation of the systems

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